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Review Copies?

Review Copies?

I’ve created many blogs over the span of time i’ve spent on second life, i’ve been a visiting blogger for Vita's Boudoir, I currently cover arts and entertainment on New World Notes, I run my "Just Art" blog which covers the arts in SL, and this blog you see here when not working on my various musical projects.

If you’d like me to blog or review one or more of your products please don’t hesitate. My Instant messages do cache so please send a notecard! I blog mostly fantasy wear, high quality realistic items, or really bizarre couture. If there’s any specific details about your store or the product that you’d like me to include send it in a notecard.

My favorite clothing colors: Natural tones, and currently Im a big fan of green (not neons please unless done well) and tan combos.

My favorite hair colors: White and Red sometimes blue.

My favorite furnishing themes: Fantasy and comfy realistic items.

I’m very picky so if I don't blog something it is just because it did not suit my personal taste.

It doesn’t take long for me to get pictures out and to get the blog done but if my real life is busy it won’t be out as fast as it would be. Please respect the fact that i am not on second life 24/7 and i promise you that real life will ALWAYS come first.